FG Aims to Alleviate Unemployment with Tech Skills – Presidential Advisor

Abiodun Essiet
SSA to the President, Community Engagement, Abiodun Essiet

In a resolute effort to combat rising unemployment rates, the Federal Government of Nigeria has pledged its commitment to an extensive tech skill acquisition program aimed at bolstering the country’s digital economy. This forward-looking initiative, they believe, will mitigate underemployment and restlessness among the nation’s youth, while simultaneously working towards achieving a 90 percent digital literacy rate among Nigerians by 2030.

At the official launch of RespecTech, a groundbreaking human resource project designed to equip Nigerian graduates with essential tech skills, link them with global job opportunities, and bridge the gap between tech talents and employers, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Community Engagement, Abiodun Essiet, conveyed the government’s determination to empower its citizens, reduce poverty, and foster development.

Ms. Essiet underlined the government’s multifaceted approach, including programs to provide digital skills to the nation’s youth and invest in empowerment initiatives across various levels. She cited the efforts of agencies like SMEDAN, which empower individuals with digital skills and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive after the training.

With the global demand for tech talent on the rise, Essiet emphasized the importance of Nigerians acquiring the right skills to compete effectively on the international stage.

In his address, Oyewole Joledo, the Country Director of Social Good, shared concerns about the large number of unemployed Nigerian youths lacking the necessary skills to compete in the international job market. He asserted that technology is transforming industries daily and highlighted the critical need for skilled talent to drive technological advancement.

Through the RespecTech initiative, Joledo explained that three key objectives will be achieved: a substantial reduction in unemployment, an increase in internally generated revenue through taxes on foreign earnings in the near future, and the encouragement of Nigerians to launch innovative tech startups, thereby creating special economic zones with incentives to attract foreign investors seeking tech talent and innovative ideas.

The event, titled “Empowering Nigerian Youths for a Tech-Driven Future,” featured a panel session in which representatives from organizations like the National Youth Service Corps, National Directorate of Employment, Industrial Training Fund, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, and various tech companies discussed solutions to untapped opportunities and foreign engagements for Nigerian talents. This collaborative effort aims to pave the way for a brighter future for Nigeria’s tech-savvy youth, providing them with the skills and opportunities to thrive in the digital age.

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